DIGITAL Customer Experience is Key to Your Future Business Success!

Infographic showing UK VS US customer experience comparison. How do you stack up?

Why is Digital so important for Customer Experience?

Info-graphic showing why Mobile, Social Media and Personalization is so important for CX.

From Measurement To Transformation

E-book on getting the most out of your customer feedback program.

Maximize Conversions On Your Next Big Online Event

Best practices guide and handy checklists

Walmart — the biggest of the big box boxes from the brick-and-mortar world — knows that to compete today you must reach out to the hyper-connected digital consumer.

In fact, Cyber Monday 2014 was Walmart’s biggest ever with mobile driving 70% of total traffic. They are also well aware of the fact that application performance impacts business results: in a recent study, by Walmart Labs, they experienced a 2% increase in conversion for every 1-second improvement in response time.

Pollinating a Sweet Omnichannel Experience

The more digital your customers become, the more individual their buying experience will be. Like bees to the hive, their journey can be random—taking any path, any time, doubling back or going elsewhere. The one thing you can count on is that they all want a flawless trip, no matter what path they choose. Digital masters understand this, getting customers to the hive happy and buzzing about the experience.